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Camping Coach #3



So the fitting out of the coach begins,


thanks to Keefer for supplying loads of info on MkI interiors etc - so we now have somewhere to bathe and the "1st class" sleeping compartment has a bed.








The plan is to have bunk beds in the remaining two sleeping compartments with room for storage etc. Kitchen fitters have yet to turn up and fit the bespoke oak topped units ;)

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  • RMweb Gold

Love the brass taps!  I hope you going to have curtains in that bathroom, or there will be more than just train spotting going on!

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  • RMweb Gold

The plan is to paint some "drawn" curtains on the insides of the glazing then add some "real" curtains to the windows of the internal partitions. The toilet window will be obscured glass, so the only way anyone will see that detail is if I lift the roof off at a show .....

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Brilliant modeling but too clean! Get some dirt in there just like my bathroom!

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Caw, a vast improvement on my last two experiences of carriage based accommodation. A roll-top bath in a mk one! When can i move in? It doesn't need TV but broadband is a must for work - can i move in on tuesday? :)

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  • RMweb Gold

The 42" LCD TV is waiting for some black paint, although it might be stuck on cbbc/Teletubbies!. Wifi will be available via the router across the tracks in the Signal box, WPA secured although a guest password will be issued on arrival ;)

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