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Camping Coach #5 - Buffers



The GWR coach cream was airbrushed on last night, so while that hardens in readiness for the brown (yes, I know camping coaches were green and cream, but the SK that www.railholiday.co.uk have is brown and cream) I thought that some form of rudimentary buffers needed to be sourced.


The coaches bought from Blackrat of this parish both came without the standard Lima offerings, so from my bit box we have some 8mm lengths of Chuppa Chups lolly stick (kids are useful after all!) and common all garden drawing pins.


The lolly stick is a good fit for the hole in the buffer shank and a drop of UHU secures the pin in the hole down the middle.




a quick waft of matt black and more UHU should see the coach looking a bit more complete.

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