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Was Clamped, now Framed!



After several attempts to rationalise the size and shape of the Bridgnorth Baseboard footprint, the bullet has been bitten and a chunk of 4mm plywood attacked.

I don't have access to an A1 Printer,so a printout of the model area was made taking several A4 sheets, which I laid out and overlapped as necessary, and the cutting shape marked with the sheet of ply on the Dining Table, being the largest flat surface around. The ply was then, (to the relief of household management) taken to the garage for cutting.

All this despite having said earlier that the major base would follow the construction of the top and bottom station sub-bases.






Once the shape was cut I then framed the underside, the sides were glued and screwed, and a (sort of) central stiffener added as shown below.

A couple of cross-ways stiffeners will be added over the weekend.




The rail incline frame was fitted with a couple of T-Nuts and bolted to the baseboard. Some careful measurements needed!.




These photos show the basboard with the lower station sub-base and the upper station supports loosely placed. The station base awaits the winding gear adjacent to the rail head.

Construction of the station building can then begin for fitting directly above. The "finger" of ply to the left will become the pedestrian passage to the top station entrance.





Slow progress is being made in drawing the various buildings, much counting of rows of bricks in photographs and co-relating to the dimensions which I have been able to measure.

Furthest advanced is the drawing of the lower station together with the Guest House directly above it, four levels in all, and two walls almost resting directly against the cliff face. Getting this drawn was the key to the position of the Track and its slope.

The wide variety of window styles, shapes and sizes within this group of buildings is astonishing, and giving me pause for thought as to how to make them.

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Hello Don, nice progress with the woodwork, I can really begin to visualise it now. The whole thing look very neat.


The pedestrian way up must have been a little hard on the legs!

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Mikkel, the Railway has a web site for an overview at



The pedestrian way up from Low Town to High Town is via the nearby "Historic Stoneway Steps"  which allegedly have 200 very irregularly spaced steps. Have walked up just once but was too exhausted to count them!  

There are hundreds of photos of the Railway on the 'Net, mostly taken from the same 4 or 5 vantage points, and few older than about 1995.

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