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Proof of the pudding

Turin 60


Just to prove that my recent blog entry was not just waffle & hot air concerning the light railway project, behold a station building and a coach.


The building is slightly modified Hornby with a new corrugated iron, glazing and a metal chimney for the office stove. Plus a suitably tired looking looking paint job.


The coach if one may so dignify the relic that you see before you is a 5 and 9 kit obtained from a friend of mine and reworked a little with a new roof and compensation. There are a few passengers inside but the poor souls probably don't realise that the coach has no brakes of its own, but also if they don't reach thier destination before sunset they'll be sitting in the dark!


More soon-ish!

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You've captured a delightful down-at-heal weathered look there. I'm sure your stoic 'passengers' revel in the rustic charm of every mile of their bumpy journey. Good stuff. The Colonel would be proud!

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