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Home alone - day one



SWMBO has taken the kids and the MIL to the seaside for a few days, so while the house is my own, it's kinda turned into a workshop ;)


The long put off task of getting the track ballasted has took a huge leap forward with the end board having all the track ballast done. I've also fixed down the tracks for the camping coach to sit on.






The steps for the camping coach have been offered up and found to be good - note I'm using the OTHER coach so as not to damage the finish on the actual camping coach whilst all the glue and stuff is flying around ;)




So, jobs for tomorrow - ballast the remaining track on the middle board and hopefully get the cinders down on both


I also need to track down some clear matt varnish to waterproof all the walling that I've made ready.


So to tomorrow .......


p.s. not sure the new repurposed kitchen will go down too well ;)



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I must admit when the other half gives me a little freedom it goes to my head, last time they returned to find my face painted with blue woad and me running up and down the street in a tartan skirt, not so much Mel Gibson, more Margaret Rutherford


Brilliant modelling though

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I'm sure if you promise to do all the cooking and kitchen chores in future, any issues of the modelling clutter will simply fade away!

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