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Evening all

am on my hols at the moment and finding time to make a bit of progress with the T9.

The chassis is finished, having had all manner of detailing bits, overlays and bits of pipe attached.


This took some time to sort out because I wanted to have the wheels removable. I made up a couple of bits to support the rear and front springs which are curiously a mixture of coil and leaf springs.

The brake control rods have been fixed with 16BA screws so the whole thing can be disassembled for painting and subsequent maintenance.


I've now turned my attention to the footplate. The kit has an ingenious fold up jig whereby you make the whole thing into a tube effectively before attaching various parts.

Have just attached the coupling rod splashers which were interesting. The first one went on fine at which point I took a photo, feeling very pleased with myself.


Sods law. The second took two attempts to get right but is now fixed (though no photo).

Cab sides and wheel splashers will be next, but that's for another day.

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Nice and neat. Those coupling rod splashers do look a bit tricky!


There's a christmassy feel to these photos. Is your workshop on the North Pole by any chance? :-)

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I'm jealous firstly over the quality of the modelling your are producing, and secondly as you get useful Christmas presents, all I ever get is ankle socks, well actually socks made for a size 9 foot, but given to a chap who takes 13...ho hum :)

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Maybe we should just give up christmas and have a modeller's workshop instead. No ankle socks and you end up with a model.

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