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Standard Eight - an unholy marriage



I received the Bachmann class 5 bodyshell from Invicta on Monday so last night I set about persuading it to sit on the Hornby 8F chassis. First obstacle was the lower section of the smokebox which fouled the cylinder block. So out came the hacksaw and slitting wheel!






I cut a slot in the rear of the chassis block to accept the mounting pillar under the cab and fitted the two together, or so I thought .... The terminal block on the motor fouled the extreme back edge of the boiler - such a shame as if the motor was 2mm further back it would be in the firebox with no issues. Quite a bit was filed off the terminal block and a little off the inside of the boiler and there was clearance (just!)




I drilled and tapped a new hole 8BA behind the front mounting pillar and the two were together :)



Next steps? - drill the tender floor to allow the sound to escape and then work out the drawbar. I've got a tender body on the way (thanks 34theletterbetweenB&D) so once I can offer up the tender to the cab I can see where the fixing needs to be. I also need to fabricate the firebox lower and fill a few missing bits of chassis etc.


Looks good in lined black ........



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I think "neverwazza" models are brilliant, it good to see what might have been, and adds interesting options to your fleet

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