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Standard Eight - continuing the merge



After getting the body and chassis together the next step was to sort out the tender coupling/drag box area. I filed 1mm off the sides of the chassis at the rear and then cyano'd a 1mm piece of plastikard over the top. A suitable hole drilled in this allowed a shoulder screw to hold the chassis in place and also provide the pivot for the Britannia tender coupling.




frame extensions were then fabricated to fill the gaps and a new plate was cut from 10 'thou brass as the Bachmann one did not come with the bodyshell




Just need to fabricate the lower firebox sections and that area under the cab will be ready for finishing.


The tender has received it's 3mm holes to let the sound out and the body has been modified to fit the later chassis with a 10 'thou bracket araldited to the front and a plastkard section Plastic Magic'd in place at the rear to accept a couple of self tappers






The tender connection is VERY close as it stands on the longest setting it will not go round R2 curves without taking the fall plate off the tender. On it's shortest setting it's very much display only. Hopefully it will fit on Summat Colliery without having to remove the fall plate, we will see at Peterborough ;)

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