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Standard Eight - details details



Had a pretty peaceful weekend so in between my Dad's 80th and one of my oldest friends getting wed I managed to get some details done on the Eight.


The tender is done, speaker wired up and installed, coal in the bunker and ladder refitted. Just needs a coat or two of varnish to blend it in with the loco.




The Comet lubricators have been fitted and the holes above in the footplate filled with Squadron White. I've also stripped the lining and cabside numbers ready for painting.




The cab has been turned into the later variant with the second handrail removed and the plating to the rear cut away. I still have to fabricate the panels behind the driver and fireman's seats.




Following a delivery from East Kent models late last week I now have the 8F bogie, this has been fitted with a RR Hornby evening star front bogie wheelset, again bought new, so I now have a spare 8F front wheelset and a 9F bogie without wheels!


So, a few more bits of fabrication to go and then some patch painting and it's more or less there :)

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Hi Ian

I love seeing your projects take shape, especially the neverwazzas. Your 2-8-2 and the standard 8 are fascinating, as is the Caprotti-Crosti 5 that may get attempted one day.

One question - it looks from the pics as if the body sits further back on the chassis than your mk1 version. Is that just how it appears?



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Thanks for the kind comments :)


The body is longer than the MKI version as it uses the correct br3 boiler etc from the 73xxx.


In reality I should have shortened the smokebox a wee bit but instead juggled the position of the whole body on the 8F chassis. The Bachmann cab is a tad longer than that on the weight drawing too.


My take is that had they been built they would have used as many common parts as possible ;)

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