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Hi, I joined the forum a couple of months ago and posted a couple of pics but though it was about time I started a thread on my layout. I've been away from the hobby for over 20 years but having a bit more time on my hands and coming across this site thought there was no better time to start again. I was originally going to start in N gauge but having watch youtube clips of the models and the DCC sound chips available it had to be OO. After spending much time thinking of various layout ideas I finally decided to build a diesel depot based in the late 1960's, this will allow me to model br green and blue as well early br prototypes. I want to try and get that dirty feel of an old steam shed converted to diesel and the odd stabling point with overhead line for early AC electrics. Garston Bridge (a name I only came up with today) is based around the Liverpool area although it could be based anywhere in the Northwest, as it will allow me to run a decent variety of classes. As I am limited with space at the moment (in between houses so hopefully our new one will have a big garage or loft) the plan is to construct the layout in three possibly four 3'3" sections and I'm working on the first two wich include the entrance and departure roads, refuelling point and stabling sidings. I stated the layout about 6 months ago so I'll post some pics of the progress so far. Like I said I'm new to this after so long so all comments and advice are welcome.




A few more pictures of some locos around the depot, please excuse the loco numbers I need to re-number most of them as well as add DCC sound, the class 47 and class 40 both have Legomanbiffo sound chips and I highly recommend them. I'll try an get a track plan uploaded soon.



Managed to get the fueling point track layer this weekend and the fueling point built and weathered although not completely finished yet still needs more detail to be added and a bit more weathering.


Got some of the track and ballast weathered tonight still needs more touching up though and a lot more detail adding. New arrival today of a peak, looks really good but needs a bit more weathering though and sound added.

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Cheers, apart from the stabling point I need to weather all the track and ballast, I was wondering if it was to dark but I of want the oily feel around the depot but don't want it to dark, many thanks for your suggestion



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I agree that the ash colour is a bit dark... a bit like that of a steam era yard - a bit like Ropley today. However, that said, I think it's great and love the split level achieved. Good luck with the project and keep those posts coming... and some more photos too.

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Thanks very much for the kind comments and advice, any ideas on which way best to lighten the ash? I'm made up with the split level think I've shocked myself with that one!! I will try an post as often as possible although weeks go by without being able to get anything done, I did try an add a few pics before but it wouldn't let me, think I need to learn how to use this to.



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Suggest a thin light grey poster/acrylic wash over a trial area of your ballast and see how it looks after drying. Don't try to be consistent in coverage or colour tone.

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Ok thanks I'll try that, the ash ballast is only on the sidings and approach/exit roads as I'm going to be using ballast for the fuelling roads and shed approaches to give the impression that the shed has been remodelled for the changes to diesel from steam.



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The fueling point is nearly fished an all the track in that area is ballasted with a mixture of carr's ash ballast, carr's fine 2mm ballast and sand sand. Hopefully tonight I can get the area weathered an some more photos taken.

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