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1701 nearing completion



My "quick diversion" ended up like all my other projects, victim to my lack of time, or is the a lack of commitment leading to excuses why I don't have the time. Either way it took longer to get to this stage than I had planned, but now I have the little saddle tank running and pretty much finished, it just needs some lamp irons on the front and the brake gear.


I am holding off on the brake gear until I have resolved a clicking sound, which I think is a pickup catching on a spoke, but so far I have not found the cause. When I run it upside down the noise goes away, so it is proving difficult to see the cause.


The lamp irons are another issue, the sand boxes are so close to the buffer bean there is no space to mount them conventionally on the footplate. I need to try to see how they should be mounted, either attached to the buffer beam or the front of the sand boxes seems to be the two options.




Sorry about the quality of the images, I think I need to get a better lighting setup.




The roof and toolboxes are not attached, they will be painted seperately and then attached. Also the whistles will be added after the roof has been painted.


A little green putty was needed to fill a few gaps, this still needs to be sanded back when it has dried fully.


It will never be described as a fine scale model, but it has a certain charm to it.

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