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Preparation - Missenden Autumn 2013



The autumn weekend of railway modelling at Missenden Abbey is almost here again, once again Daniel and I will be attending. This time I am going to start a new project, the Duke is to a stage now that I think I can probably finish it at home, plus I am keen to start a project that will run on my little shunting puzzle. Therefore my plan for the weekend is to make a start on a High Level kit of a Black Hawthorn 0-4- ST.


As part of my preparation I have started (several times) to read the very extensive instructions and examined the lovely looking etches. I had to take a picture of the etches before starting, and probably making a bit of a mess of them, since they do look so good. Chris really does do a good job of both the etches and the instructions.




Daniel will be working on a High Level kit as well, having finished the 14xx chassis, his is a the Hawthorn Leslie, a kit that has been to Missenden twice before, both times work was stopped due to incorrect wheels being purchased. Doing it once is an accident, twice is carelessness - or so I tell him. Still his comeback is that his project has more wheels than mine this time.


Anyway, looking forward to 2 days of uninterrupted, well almost, modelling.


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As a little encouragement for you I will bring along a completed Black Hawthorn, built my my good friend the late Malcolm Crawley. I sat opposite him as he was building it and I lost count of the number of times he expressed his appreciation of the design and quality of the kit.


It really is a lovely kit of a delightful loco.


I look forward to seeing you there,



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I'll follow this with interest!  I'm just about to start the build of the Hawthorn Leslie ( a birthday present from my wife TWO years ago...)  I need a 'quarry loco' for Ambridge's quarry and coincidentally a 'test piece' for a 'Avonside Works' Chassi2.  Overkill?  Possibly!





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