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Wessex Trains 150 pt 3

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The Fatadder


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Sorry for yet another post without photos, starting to think spending on a new camera which is slightly better in the dark might be a sensible idea...


I've been back to work on the 150, this time finally starting the renumber. The old numbers came off very easily with microsol to be replaced with fox transfers (anyone know what the numbering sequence is for the bodyside numbers? I know one half of 150232 is numbered 57232 but I dont know the number for the other half (or is it the same?)


The most important thing is that Ive worked out how to change the destinations! After removing the cab windows (which basicly fell out) it is possible to remove a second bit of glazing which has the destination. with this removed a little bit of white paint and some destinations applied and you have a new allocation. (in this case its going to get Bodmin Central at one end and Plymouth at the other). Just need to make up transfers now, (and of course I appear to have lost my transfer paper, so hopefully will be able to buy some more at Warley...)


edit: Just finished adding the numbers for the first half, takes a while (using the fox DMU sheet, it takes 11 transfers to do the numbers, most of which are individual (and oddly there arnt any 52s or 57s on the sheet!)

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According to my old DMU spotter guide 150232 was made up of units DMSL 52232 and DMS 57232 - does this help?

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According to my old DMU spotter guide 150232 was made up of units DMSL 52232 and DMS 57232 - does this help?


Thanks, very handy as it confirms what I was thinking (only thought after posting that I could just look at the rtr model and see what numbers were on the other end of that...)


Just got the problem now that the modelmasters destinations are only in yellow and orange so I will have to make up the Plymouth destinations as well as the Bodmin ones....

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