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Boxfile Kyle - 2mmFS



What do you reckon to it?  

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Good evening - The other project that is in progress at the moment is a model of Kyle of Lochalsh 2mmFS ... in a boxfile. Drawing upon inspiration from both fellow 2mmFS Modellers and the Boxfile layouts of the previous forum, the idea is to construct a small extract of the station with both boards, fiddleyards and backscenes contained within the constraints of one MUJI boxfile. There will be one other boxfile, but purely for the rolling stock, controller and a few tools.

?  First a mock up was built in corrugated card to test the sketches for dimensions, then a second was built in 1mm card with further detail and now the construction will begin having taken on board issues arising from the mock ups.

?  The layout will use the latest EASITRAC system available from the 2mm Association and the model already has its first invite for a small local show in Sussex next May 2010 - hopefully I will be flying it in my hand luggage which is less of headache than transporting Coombe Junction.

?  There are various ideas for rolling stock which will be outlined in future posts however at present I am converting a Bachfar 37/0 to a 37/4 to represent 37420 in large logo livery.

?  As with Coombe Junction, here is a 10 slide refresher of the project...


With thanks to Andy Y and Mod 6 for helping me through my recent 'Blog' crisis!


Feel free to add any comments,



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its nice to see an old favourite back pete... how long til you finally succumb to building it? :lol:

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Thanks modfather...well the clock is ticking, I now have all the EASITRAC components and the blog is up and running...watch this space ;)

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Now this is interesting!! I was at Kyle last week, every time I return from a holiday in that area I'm tempted to model it, but space has always been a problem. Will be following with interest! ;)

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Thanks Invercloy - Kyle certainly has a lot of appeal, even in the rationalised track layout of later years.


Although this layout will have limitations in terms of operability, I do like the concept of being able to set it up in 5 minutes, run it for twenty minutes and then pack it away in 5 minutes - 30 minutes better spent then watching a soap on TV me thinks!!

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Absolutely! I've got a layout built on an ironing board, that takes about 5 mins to set up too... It's great for exhibitions, 5 mins then I can have a quick wander before the show starts! :D

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Seeing more recent progress on Kyle got me nosy and back here - this really looks a fantastic concept.... my mind is again wandering to new project ideas! N gauge? Hmmm N gauge?! :)

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