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Out in the Country



Every so often I make a little progress. The hill looks like it is going to be rural rather than industrial. Meanwhile I have put in the canal, fixed the sides on the girder bridge and started to build the abutments and tunnel mouth (Scalescenes again).


The pipe bridge over the canal is also in the 'maybe' category. The pipe ought to be bigger, but it is quite an appealing structure in its way.






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Hi Ian, looks like good progress to me. I'm glad you're leaning towards a rural hillside. I like the idea of the town growing so much that it encroaches on the greenbelt - something the railways did their bit to encourage. There are countless farms which used to be lonely places but now find themselves on the nearest town's doorstep!?

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A litle late, just come across this Blog, (old dog and all that...) I agree that the single pipe does look lonely on those fairly massive supports. The service industries are not noted for over-engineering their structures! Also there is usually a barrier of some sort to prevent intrepid youths from climbing into the horizontal pipework.

There are a couple of these over the River Trent near here, if you want a photo let me know.

Of course this is N gauge, so perhaps the camera is being unkind and over-emphasizing the size of the supports.

Nice work, especially the grassy bank and hedge in your later blog.

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It was inspired by a gas pipe visible from the M6 between jc 10 & 10A. Largely because I had the supports spare from the girder bridge. Pricing up a decent sized piece of "pipe" and some lattice girder supports, plus something to act as a disincentive to using the pipe as a footbridge I came to the conclusion that just maybe I did not want one after all!

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