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Aire Valley Railway



Hi all.

A couple of postings ago (stone walls) I mentioned having a tour of the Burlington slate Quarries. I had hoped to see the slate crusher in action but it wasn't working that day. This visit was in connection with a new layout I was working on. The Little Langdale Railway. The time was to be the present. I was looking at a Heritage line which would also be used to carry crushed slate from a quarry to a seaport. It was to be situated in Cumbria, Yes, not all slate comes from Wales. Stupid I know but that's what railway modellers do..It was built to the Aire Valley scale and gauge. 4mm to the foot on 12mm gauge track. An article in the July 2006 Railway Modeller featured the construction of a couple of the locos. They were a Southwold loco in 4mm scale and the R and E loco Devon in 3,5mm scale Devon was quite a large loco and the reduction in scale equalised the sizes. As mentioned in the article there was a third steam loco. which was my interpretation of Dubs 2-4-0 metre gauge loco which worked on a shale railway in New South Wales. Along with images of the (half finished) layout there are a a couple of images of this loco outside the engine shed plus and unlettered and unlined image....So, what of the layout. The port of Langdale was more less complete as most of the images show. The company offices were inspired by but a much less ornate model of the Wantage Tramway Headquarters, but non the less quite pleasing I thought. The engine shed and signal box were ,I think, modified card kits. the overall station roof was a modified plastic kit.The low relief main road buildings were a mix of card kits and scratch built. The latter included my must have timber church. The harbour crane was a considerably modified Airfix kit. Quite ridiculous really. The overall harbour scene also shows the waste slate "bins" waiting to. be loaded into the ship. There was to be a fourth loco, a diesel to work the the slate trains but it never got built Oh dear realms of fantasy!!! A ruined abbey also appears. The cliffs below the abbey and the mock Tudor hotel were plastic vacuum formed. items I have never been able to obtain again, very frustrating. The layout got as far as the the some what complex rail road river image. It was then sold on. One of the locos. The R and E one I think was for sale on ebay and bought by a railway modeller. I apologize for the green tinge on some of the images. I have yet learn the art of altering this.

Cheers Derek.

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Very interesting to see. I am very privlaged to currently have the R&E Locos and the Dubbs loco in my collection, along with a 4 w coach and 2x bogie wagons. They are brillinat models, and a credit to your skill. Run beautifully as well. They impressed some people at Keighley Model Railway club (my local club), even someone who isn't interested in narrow gauge at all showed interest ;)



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