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Shadow Box - The 9F arrives



The Bachmann 9F arrived yesterday - Yipee!!! It's such a detailed model that I was quite frankly nervous whilst handling it. The detailed pipework is amazing and I'd have expected to have paid much more for something as finely produced. I couldn't wait to get it into the Shadow Box for a few pictures though.






So nearly there - a comparison shot with David Shepherd's magnificent painting - I need to get another LED spotlight on the front yet.




This shot shows how the mirror doubles the size of the layout and makes 12 locomotives out of only 6!








Roundhouses and Sheds were much run down toward the end of steam and I wanted to capture that with a few details like the broken pallets. The ash is actually from my living room fire - you just can't beat using the real stuff.


I gave up on the car headlight bulbs in the end and used proper 12 volt downlight bulbs for the transformers. They are just as bright as the car bulbs anyway.

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Unfortunately the way you can play with the light is beyond my possibilities.

Great to see the effect of a shadowbox on your depot.

Think you are right that the shadow box gives great opportunities for micro layouts.  

Please keep posting your beautiful pictures. 

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These pictures really are fabulous! I've shown them to a couple of non modelling collegues, who remain convinced that these are full size locos in a full size shed!


Railway modelling as art? I reckon Mr Shepherd should be worried!



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Absolutely fabulous stuff :)
Beautiful pictures of brilliant modelling
See, you don't need much space to create a wonderfully evocative model....

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Well you've raised the bar again, Mike. Fantastic. I can't even see the mirror.


Will any of this get published at some point?

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Cheers for the very flattering comments guys.


Job - Anyone can do this with light - it's just like making a miniature stage set really and shining a powerful light source through tiny slits - just like they do in a theater.  I'd recommend everyone to have a go at it for the photography of their layouts.  My brother-in-law used to roadie for a band and he had control over the stage lighting - he said that he'd been taught by an old hand who insisted that the right spot lights used at the right time would influence the audience's emotional response to a performance.  He actually maintained that good stage lighting was as important as the music!  A lot of food for thought.


Wenlock - I'm thrilled that your friends find these pictures that realistic.  The layout was a bit of a leap of faith when starting out and it could have been a real disaster.  The trouble is that it could all look like a stage set from a sort of NEC car show if you know what I mean and playing around with the bulb positions in the light box has yielded some strange results like that.  The pics above are the best of a couple of hundred snaps and digital cameras are a Godsend simply because you can review the results immediately and delete or keep at your leisure -  If I'd had to used old 35mm film then I'd have given up a long time ago.  By the way, I don't think Mr Shepherd has too much to worry about yet!!


Marc - that is very flattering coming from you - I was really influenced by your wonderful Brackty Bridge (hope I got the name right) and have been convinced that 'less is more' since.  Small layouts are brilliant because you can get it wrong and start again without a lot of commitment.  Micros are inexpensive and quick and you can fill a room with loads of interesting layouts from different eras and places instead of being stuck with just one big one.  Although I'm always dreaming of that luxuriously long run around loft layout.


Mikkel - again, very flattering praise from the Master of finescale modeling and story telling.  As for getting it published - well there are a few goodies I'm after so a little paycheck would come in handy, but, of course, it all depends on the whims of the magazines at the time.  


Finally, I really need to express how crude some of my layouts are in comparison with a lot of work posted here at Rmweb - they are quick to construct because I'm not over bothered about fine detail and anyone looking at them close up would be a bit disappointed with the wobbly bits and use of brick papers etc.  They really are just about smoke, mirrors and lights.  The real stars of my little schemes are the superb RTR locos and all I've got to do with them is to take them out of the box - very carefully!!

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Hi again Mike,
Having seen several other of your offerings,
I'm pleased that you liked Bracty Bridge

I keep dreaming up these small schemes
and don't do much with them
Bracty was the first one I saw right through to completion

You are quite right in all the points you mention re micro layouts
I keep dreaming up schemes to link several of them together,
but it seldom seems to work as a consistent scheme
.... one day, maybe....

Cheers again - keep up the modelling

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