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Shadow Box Roundhouse - Lighting more or less there!



The 3mm leds arrived today from Express Models. Really are superb quality lights - relatively cheap and very easy to use. Their service really is an express one and these have again, like all my other orders, arrived very timely indeed. I've stuck a couple in the ends of short pieces of plastic straw and used them as directional lighting (tiny spots) to highlight the front of the 9F. A couple have also been stuck down a couple of the smoke hoods to simulate the sunlight coming down them as it would on the prototype. I've had to be careful not to use too many lights at the front because they would simply drown out the lighting effect at the rear of the model. It's been quite a balancing act but I think it's just about right now.






David Shepherd's superb painting and my take on it.









I quite like the black and white versions.


The Bachmann model is unbelievably detailed and it has been beautifully weathered. British RTR is really cheap when you compare it with the European stuff - we really are lucky and seem to be able to have twice as much for the same price! Note the plastic Dapol model in the road next to it - this has turned out quite good for a layout filler.


I don't think I can go any further with the project now except to take a few more pics of my diesels etc. You could literally spend hours and hours adjusting the lights, taping over the holes in the roof and making new ones, but I think the effects would be more or less the same. It's been an interesting exercise and has provided plenty of food for though with regards layout lighting for the future.

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Mike, you're rapidly becoming a light magician. Very inspirational.


I wouldn't have thought it possible to get so close to the original Shepherd painting. I was going to say "modelling imitating art" but actually your work is a whole art form in itself.


The only thing missing is the steam. Are you sure you don't want to take that step? ;-) 

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Just great.


The only experiment I can think of is creating a more difused light using a piece of transparant plastic or  working with photgraphic filters to see the color effects.

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Cheers everyone.


I like the black and white pics simply because they are more pertinent to the era - so thanks for the comment Wenlock.


Mikkel, many thanks as always for your encouragement.  As for trying to model 4mm steam - now that would be a real challenge!!


Cheers Job.  Yes, I think trying a few filtered shots is the way to go and I like the suggestion about the plastic to create a more diffused effect.


Paul, thanks but if you saw the layout without the light trickery then you'd be dissapointed - load of wobbly bits and imperfections in there.  The semi dark setting hides this well.


Cheers, Portchullin Tatty.  Photography and the hobby are so intertwined now and RTR is so detailed and beautifully made now that they demand more and more realistic settings to be photographed in.





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Very nice Mike


Having been dipping in and out of recent so may have missed the bits in between but the end result looks fab.


Liking all the versions myself :good:

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Cheers, Pete.  Much thanks for popping in - hope all is well and that you're back modeling again?


Thanks, David.  Love the idea of including one of David's signature mice (or am I getting him mixed up with the famous woodcarvers?), but better be careful about copyright ;)!!!

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