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Aire Valley Railway




Bit of an odd ball posting this time, when are they not? The first three photos go back a considerable period of time. The first one is the cover of the first dedicated railway book I bought. Railways had featured in other books such as the Odhams Press publication How it Works and how it's Done. . but this was my first real railway book. As may be seen from the cover it is the script of a B.B.C. broadcast. On the title page it quotes, A dramatisation of events that occurred at a vital Cross-roads on the path to victory on a certain day in 1944 between the hours of 10am and 10pm. The 6th June springs to mind but the book was published in June so presumably the broadcast was before that. Also the forward to the book by the then Minister of War transport is dated 2nd June. So make of that what you want. There is a good selection of photos in the book if any of you would like me to attach them sometime .I was 15 at the time and had been working a year. The second photo goes back to 1962. It was taken at the Leeds Model Railway Exhibition for publication in the Yorkshire Post Paper. It's my son and myself. He was nine at the time and is due to become a Grandad in April. The Leeds Exhibition at that time was held in the Corn Exhange, and was that a dusty place..The Aire Valley did three shows there and the layout got a nice coating of dust. There was no way to dust it and in the end I thought it antiquated the layout. The third photo was taken at a show in Huddersfield organised by the Yorkshire Area of the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society in 1964. It's my youngest daughter, now a double Grandmother, holding a model, not built by me of a Corris loco. Hovering just off scene is the builder of the model ready ready to catch it if the worst happened. It was handed back undamaged. the remaining photos all-though recent are of an older subject. It's a model I built about 1965/66 of Emmet's Nellie and train. I think this was the time when Emmet's locos and stock were popular with modeller's. I think the loco chassis is Triang. I remotored it last year. The coaches are scratch built and have an oil lamp for illumination. These are made from a grain of wheat bulb with a short length of brass tube for the oil container and a Chinese style hat on top. These and the bulb in Nellie's headlamp are the original ones. It is now in the possession of the fore mentioned daughter. It is normally kept in a display case but gets to run round the Christmas tree each year. I am also including a photo of a HIAB sea crane I built from a kit I got at the Blackpool Model Boat three years ago. Once again this is in the possession the afore mentioned daughter works for HIAB in the main office in Ellesmere. Think that's about it for now.

Cheers. Derek.

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What a nice collection of photos - and memories. This is what modelling is also very much about, which can be easy to forget in these times of close-up layout photos and the quest for new technologies and ever higher standards (though clearly you have very high standards in your modelling!).

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