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Aire Valley Railway




Attaching two more box diagrams. Shipley Bradford Jcn and Shipley Bingley Jcn. The former was at the Bradford end of the Shipley triangle. ;As mentioned ;in a previous posting there were some boxes between Manningham Jcn and Shipley for which I don't have drawings. (1) Manningham Sidings.;Spare and summer only coaching stock was stored here. (2) Frizinghall. ;There was a large wool warehouse here served by rail. These two boxes had signals on the passenger lines but no points. ;(3) Shipley Goods . This had connections on all lines as freight workings into the yard had to cross the passenger lines.There was also, as seen on the Bradford Jcn diagram a through siding to the latter. .Bradford Jcn had a 36 lever frame including one spare. ;The signal gantry from the Bradford direction had ten arms. ; It will be seen a train on the up goods for the Apperley Bridge (Leeds) direction could be signalled forward on the up goods or via the passenger lines through the station. The latter move was not often used. It will be seen the line to Saltaire, Where have I seen that before? ;changed to the Down line as happens at triangle layouts. In the box were the usual wood lockers. One of the sections in the lockers was very neatly labelled.MAGAZINES. This caught new bosses out when they had a look in it. It contained detonator magazines which were used by fogmen . There was a fog post just outside the box with mini repeater signal arms. The fogman could place detonators at several signals via a lever frame which would discard old and pick up new detonators from the magazines. On to Bingley Jcn, This was the simplest of the Shipley boxes. ;It had a 20 lever frame all of which were in use. The Angle Sidings were at one time used for coal wagons The coal was destined for the gas works. The works was not served directly by rail and a horse and two wheel tipper cart conveyed the coal to the works. Latterly the sidings were used for P.W. wagons. ;The signal gantry ;with number 19, Down Bradford Home plus the three distants of other boxes was butted ;right up to the box There was a skylight in that end of the box for the signalman to check the position of the signal. One interesting daily working was the the arrival of the Bradford portion of a Morecambe train. The loco uncoupled and returned to Bradford. ;When the Leeds portion arrived it had to set back onto the Bradford portion This leg of the triangle was the sharpest curve of the three. The driver had no view whatsoever onto the Bradford portion, plus if it was a Compound it was a struggle to set back on a wet rail. There was also the problem of the buckeye couplings coupling. It must have been a short straw working for the Holbeck engine crew ..The return working of this train diagram split at Keighley but that's another story. The up home signals (3 and 5) were repeated on the gantry to assist sighting due to a road over bridge. Number 15 was a calling on signal. Under certain conditions the signalman at Bradford Jcn could accept a passenger train timed to stop at the station under Regulation 5 in which the calling on arm at Bingley Jcn was used. At the time of me working at Shipley there were no platforms on the Leeds Skipton leg of the triangle, hence the working mentioned above. With the electrification of the Airedale and Wharfdale lines in 1994 Platforms were added on this leg. The Skipton to Bradford leg was singled and the curve eased. Bingley Junction box was rescued and taken to the Worth valley for use there That's it for now. Cheers, Derek.

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