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O Gauge Pug ready for Mansfield (or else!)



So here it is again, I've just painted the motor and it blends in pretty well. I still might make some fill panels sometime if the small amount of daylight visible bugs me too much ....




Here's the underside showing the "gearbox"




I've also refreshed the couplings, a few have commented in the past that the 3 links were out of scale so I had a few links left over from the Ivor build which have been put to good use




I did a test run yesterday of just the chassis on a bit of peco track and the Lenx Standard seemed to handle the motor pretty well, runs nice and smooth. Time will tell once it gets used in anger on Fourgig East as to whether a capacitor pack is going to be needed. I have one ready in any case


I've just totted up how much this little chap has cost - not including paint/glue/varnish and the transfers (which I got free from a member) it's cost just over £56. The DCC decoder was also "free" having been donated by my OO gauge class 15 when I sound fitted it. A bargain in anyone's book methinks :)

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Looks great and a bargain to boot!  The painted motor looks much better, maybe a bit of dry brushing to highlight the axle spring and the reversing lever would help it recede even more.



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good point. The whole fleet will be receiving a very light weathering over the summer in advance of RMweb Live! and Wycrail - not too much as this is a heritage railway ;)

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