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Leeds Pivotal Car FUD print.

Red Devil


Seeing as the latest extension board to Grime St is 'embargoed' (it's going to be a surprise at it's first exhibition outing) I thought I'd stick a pic up of the latest tram being built...


This is Leeds Pivotal car 127 (Pivotal after their 10ft wheelbase EMB pivoting trucks, that didn't really work and were locked solid most of the time)


Body is a FUD print, sprayed Rover Monza red and Land Rover ivory which are decent matches to the Leeds red liveries, adverts by Andy Burrows aka Purple Door of this parish and Leeds large winged crests by Sunrise transfers who do a brilliant range of bus and tram crests and adverts, well worth seeking out.


75% glazed, so next up is the interior, top deck is inserted in 3 parts, then pre fabbed platforms fitted.


Usual Halling drive, trucksides are also a 3d print in FUD, so far progress has been very good, so I'm bound to cock it up and damage it somehow now......



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