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3D Patriot

Last year I received an email from ATSO CAD about a new 3D printed loco body for an Fowler Patriot, designed to fit onto a Farish Jubilee chassis.


For a bit more authenticity I decided to power it with a Union Mills Fowler tender, a spare one I just had lying around.


The first task was to clean-up the body, to start with I gave a good session in the ultra-sonic cleaner to clear of any residue left-over form printing. Following that I set to the body in an attempt to reduce the raised stippling, a feature of 3D printing. I tried several methods, including sanding sticks, paper, cloth etc. As much as I could, I was trying not to loose too much of the detail, so a compromise was made.

I then removed the buffers, and replaced with brass ones. I also took the back of the cab wall with the Dremel, so it would sit flat and firmly on the Jub chassis. Then it was another sonic wash.

Once dry, it was time for the under coat.

With some paint, this clearly showed-up where the stippling was, and was still quite bad. I gave it another under coat, in the hope that maybe this might fill-up some of the raised lines. While this helped, it was wasn't the best. So next it was time for Mr Surfacer. This a paint filler, in this case I use the 1000 grit. I applied in several areas and once dry I used a cotton bud, dipped in metho, to re-distribute into the areas required. This appeared to improve it.


Happy with this, I then completed a 3rd and 4th undercoat


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Are these bodies readily available?


I'm sure there are lots of chaps over here who would like one

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