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Aire Valley Railway




I'm posting drawings of the penultimate pair of boxes. Marley Jcn and Thwaites Jcn. Marley Jcn as will be noted had a pretty simple layout but it did however have a couple of interesting moves on the late shift of which more anon. It had a 24 lever frame of which 8 were spares. When I first learned this box it had a crossover in the main lines with ground signals to control it.. These were removed in April 1955. As far as I can recall the crossover did not get much use. I trust the diagram will make clear the Up Goods line finishing and Down Slow line starting at Bingley as mentioned in the last posting. So what of the "interesting moves". Around teatime a down mineral train was booked onto the Down Slow line at Bingley and continued forward to Thwaites Jcn on the Down Goods line. to stand there to wait the passage of the next two passenger trains. The next train was a slow passenger from Bradford to Skiption which was booked onto the Down Slow line at Bingley to stand at Marley to wait the passage of the Morecambe Residential or Resi as it was called on the Main line.The local passenger followed this express onto the Down Main line Later in the evening a similar set of moves took place in the Up direction. A freight was booked onto the Up Slow line at Thwaites to run forward on the Up Goods to Bingley. This was followed by the Carlisle Cricklewood milk train which stood at Marley to wait the passage of the Glasgow Leeds Express. Once again the goods followed these two trains from Bingley. Thwaites Jcn was similar to the Bingley layout as regards the four running lines. It had a 24 lever frame of which 2 were spares. A couple of numbering errors re some ground signals...Number 5 should be 15 and the signal to the left of the box without a number is number 12. The Oil works siding was still in use but not really busy. Coal for the Gas Works was tripped from Keighley.and run onto the Up Slow line and reversed into the sidings. The note re the ground frame reads."Lever No. 21 must be normal in frame to get ANNETS Key out and lever No. 21.is locked in normal position until ANNETS key is returned to frame and turned". The Guard would drop off at the box to collect the key when the trip cleared 21 points and they were returned to normal. Not really much else to comment on. Cheers, Derek.

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