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Boxfile Kyle - Progress

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Good evening - Tonight saw the first part of the construction for the track using EASITRAC. The track will be built on a 1mm card base and then this be framed with foamboard to suit.


Firstly, a simple piece of straight track was made using some 500mm precut lengths from the 2mm Association. Cast brass sleepers have been added at either end to strengthen the joints. Secondly, the turnout base has been laid in position and connected to a short length of straight track - the next work session will begin to make the turnout.


A few pics attached of progress...







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Now that looks neat and clean. No need for a blogging crisis, those mock-ups would almost be worth wathcing in themselves! Any chance we'll see this as an entry in teh RMweb competition?

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Mikkel, Hi, and thanks. Am not sure of the details of the RMweb competition - Assume I can find them on the forum if I do a search. The layout has to be sort of complete[ish] for a small exhibition next May so I hope to have trains running by Christmas...be nice if Bachfar got that Class 24 issued to suit!

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Thanks for the link - I have read the rules and KIAB weighs in at 204 square inches...so just inside the max 2010 square inches as determined by the rules :P


Rest assured - I will post updates on the turnout as it happens.


I am reminded of one of your last posts on the RMWeb 3 thread for KIAB...


'but how is the track and layout progressing'...Mr Impatient


Hopefully now...the wheels are in motion... ;) Stay tuned...

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