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Bristol Barrow Road - Roundhouse Ventilation



Roundhouses used a variety of smokehoods for smoke ventilation and Barrow Road was no different. In Midland/LMS days these were made from timber and at number survived late into the BR period.

However these were replaced by asbestos/concrete units which lasted until the end of the steam period.



Timber Smokehoods inside Barrow Road



Smokehoods - Roads 11 to 16. Note that roads 12 and 14 retain the timber version.


My friend Morgan kindly produced a CAD drawing for the later version and arranged for Shapeways to make some masters from which he made around 30 resin smoke hoods for me. On top of this he provided two sheets of 16thou brass etches for the lower edges into which I am fixing Markits WD handrail knobs for the support wires.


I have made three of the timber versions from a combination of plasticard and 1mm brass 'L' angle for roads 12, 14 and 16.


Here are some photos of the completed units prior to fixing into the shed roof. The brass tube used for the 'chimney' is 5/16th OD






You will see that the chimney on road 12 and 14 is cranked - this was replicated by fabricating three pieces of brass tube.

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Hi Robin.

Yes, I'd seen the resin master previously, but, like John I also rather like the wooden version.

The cranked smoke tubes look very neat.



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It just gets better and better.


I keep forgetting to look in now it's a blog though.

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