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Tinsley Hump - A 10 hour Micro Challenge



I happened to mention to SWMBO that I might build a Tinsley Micro plank so that I could take pics of my Lima shunter to Class 13 conversion in an appropriate setting. This sparked off the inevitable debate about the amount of time I spend modelling. However, seeing how SWMBO spends her time in the evenings watching all of the soaps (television I point blank refuse to watch) I countered that the micro could be done in an equivalent amount of time over a week or so. We finally agreed a ten hour time limit - from first cut of wood for the board to the first photograph. The prize - some goodies if I won! The following is the result. Unfortunately, in my haste, I did not document the build but have included a small demo of the method I use to build up the scenery.






The Lima conversion looks quite passable in these shots. The first shot was the first one taken on the new micro - the embankments and track ballast was still sopping wet, but I proved my point to SWMBO!




'Google Earth' view.




I painted this backscene for photographs some time ago now. I've never been able to repeat the realistic method for cloudy skies though.










The upper track is supported by a strip of 6mm ply on 75mm tall wooden supports - these supports are spaced every 2 inches. I then use cardboard to build up the profile of the embankments - the glue gun is brilliant for this as it gives instant results. Once the profiles are complete, I cover them in flower basket liner and then apply the static grass whilst the liner is still sopping wet. I prefer this method to ripping the liner off once the glue dries because the finished effect looks just like the dead clumps of grass underneath fresh growth as seen on embankments etc. Despite it looking all a bit flimsy, once the glue has dried the whole structure becomes stiff and is quite robust.


The prototypical concrete box tunnels are just knocked up from pieces of 6mm ply. Again, the glue gun is used to give instant results. The sides were scored with a screwdriver to give the layer effect - they were then given a coat of watery glue before being covered in a fine sand and fire ash mixture. Once dry they were given a black wash. The ash comes direct from my living room fire and the sand from Castlegregory beach in Dingle. The railings have been 'borrowed' from the turntable on my Barrow Hill layout.




A nice shot of my Hornby Grid.




The whole layout - exactly 3ft long.




My superb Bachmann Class 08 pulling a crane.


The whole thing took just under 10 hours to do and cost about £25! All of the wood was taken out of the scrap pile we use for burning. SWMBO argued at first that it couldn't be classed as complete until everything had dried out. However, I thought this very churlish seeing how I had done everything according to terms of the agreement - she finally backed down. I'm now very much enjoying tormenting her as to the value of the goodies I'm going to order!

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I find the first picture full of atmosphere.

That painted sky is great. I recognize what you mentioned "I could repeat this".   

Lovely done.

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Brilliant Mike!


A great little project and very effective in the photos.


Shame you didn't document it more thoroughly due to time...you could have made it into a mini soap for your wife to watch..:P

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  • RMweb Gold

Hi Mike.


Extremely simple but extremely effective. I especially like the overview shot from a distance, which really shows your amazing skills at creating a visually interesting scene.


Some men become astronauts or deep sea divers to impress their women, but that's not good enough for us us railway modellers, eh!

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Cheers everyone for your comments.


Job - not being able to reproduce something you got right first time is one of the most frustrating aspects of the hobby.  If only I had taken notes and saved the particular brush I'd used etc!


Pete - unfortunately, it's a soap that she feels that's not worth watching.  At least there's a sort of truce between us over my time in the loft and her's in front of the telly - as uneasy as that alliance maybe sometimes!   The perils of domestic life, eh?


Mikkel - I'm actually a frustrated astronaut and spaceflight is another area I'm definitely interested in.  In fact, my unofficial title around the house is the 'astronut' - but that's about as close as I'll ever get to impressing her!!  

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Excellent micro layout!  The Lima Class 13 conversion is great.  I understand a limited edition Class 13 is being commissioned by Olivia's Trains with Bachmann 08s but unfortunately (for me) it is to be priced at

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