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Boxfile Kyle - What's the point?...

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Evening - I have to report, a disastrous night of modelling...Tried to tackle the turnout and spent over 2 hours trying to make the common crossing...and it looks complete pants :icon_eek:


I am not sure whether it was my bad soldering skills, bad light, bad eyesight, bad white wine...or a combination of them all


I am so embarrassed of my efforts, I am too ashamed to post a picture of this evenings attempts.


All packed away now and hoping to try again another night soon :icon_mutter:



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Hey Pete :)


Everyone has evenings like that so you are not alone. Move onto something else for now or just take a break from it all and then come back and tackle it again. The second time always works out better.


Dont give up.


Missy :)

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Hi Missy - Thanks - I know you are right - This hobby can be so frustrating some times.


Its always good to reflect the next day though, and already I have a few ideas on why I think I was going wrong. This is only my second attempt at building a turnout...the first being the only one on Coombe Junction...now you know why I am not modelling Clapham Junction :lol:

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bad white wine try the red instead however I know the feeling regarding bad modelling days I reckon on 1 good one to 10 bad...............

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Nick - your probably right - I normally drink red so this might account for it - as the saying goes 'you can't keep a good man down' so I will be retrying the common crossing again in the next few days and hope to be more upbeat in my next post...

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start over..make sure everything is greasse free fibre glass the lot the whole job.


over do the crossing take to much metal away and after a few it will click and youll be banging em out for fun!



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Ian - thanks - good call on the fibre glass stick.


It's fun...albeit a tad frustrating...especially when we are impatient to get trains running...

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