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Aire Valley Railway



Hi again.

Back again after over a month. I am posting the last model railway I constructed. Cranly Lake Railroad. This was only the second 7 mm scale I had built, the other one being the Liquorice Line. I was seduced by the Bachman Shay. Also at the same time my Friend Paul Towers sent me details of a very short line in Canda. " The Portage Railway" which was only one and one eighth miles long with track gauge of 42 inches. It was a tourist line connecting two lakes and had two locos, two passenger cars, two box cars and two flat cars It was owned by a company called " The Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway and Navigation Companies". A name nearly as long as the line it's self. I am attaching a delightful painting which help you to see what inspired various items on my layout. It might be worth seeing what is on the internet if you want further information.

As mentioned above I was seduced by the Bachman Shay, a type of loco that never got built for the A.V.R. This Shay and my 7mm scale model of an Avonside geared loco modified a little were the main line locos with a Bachman 0-4-0 Porter and a four coupled diesel as yard shunters. I cannot recall details of the diesel or why it was numbered 5 when there were only four locos. There were no run round facilities, hence the shunting locos. there was only three points. leading to the passenger line, goods line and the engine shed. One point in the opposite direction led to the mineral loading hoppers. Shunting, while not overly complicated required some thought. For the buildings on the layout I went for balsa wood construction ..I must say it was a change from plasticard and I quite enjoyed the change. For the construction of Cranly Maid I reverted to plasticard. The freight vessel Raven was from my radio controlled days and was not sold on with the layout. Possibly the most interesting is the loading hopper. It did load the wagons though it was somewhat contrived as each shute hopper just held enough mineral to fill a wagon. As one image shows the wagons were unloaded by hand in the hidden? sidings. The Pine tree was in memory of my favourite Laurel and Hardy film- Way out West.

The layout went to several shows but once again when when I tried to make it a permanent layout it failed and was sold on.

Think that's it for now. Cheers Derek.


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Very informative and very succinct, we're shown the construction of much of the layout and how it came together in just a few pictures.  Good work!  

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