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Aire Valley Railway




I have been up in the loft today looking for something which I didn't find. However I did find some items of railway interest. First up is the delightful photo of the the last B.R. shunting horse, Charlie and his "workmate" whose name I do not know. The original image was a calender which I received many years ago from a friend who as we can see had exceedingly good tastes in New Year greetings. The title is Working Partners and was done by a professional photographer. Charlie died on the 28th October 1968 aged 29 years after a couple of years in a retirement home for horses in Somerset.so I must have got the calender at least two or three earlier. In the days when race horses went by rail Charlie would be often be sent to the off loading station. where his calm presence would would help to keep his throughbred brothers calm.


The second set images may seem really odd. I wonder if any of you knew that a wallpaper producing firm once made rolls of paper of Emetts Nellie and friends. My Son and his wife once papered one wall of their.kitchen diner with a couple of rolls of this pattern. I was mortified when I saw it as it was then out of production and I think they had got the last couple of rolls in the shop. This would be in the mid seventies. They had only picked it because the colours were right. Crikey! Anyway when they had a change of decor they managed to strip of about four foot or so without tearing it. Each roll had a bit of a write up which they gave me. I thought this and the four foot of paper was lost but it has turned up today on my loft expedition. I am including the write up and photos of the four locos mentioned.


I hope you don't think I have flipped my lid with this posting. Cheers Derek.

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Derek, a lovely humorous post. Nellie, now I could have a go at scratch building that - fits my current skills level admirably!! Kind regards,


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Very nice Derek. Charlie's mate looks a bit like Norman Wisdom to me. Is Emett's flying machine still in the Merrion Centre?

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There have been a couple (at least) wonderful live steam models of these creations.


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