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Great British Locomotive Magazine Models & The Shadow Box Roundhouse



These models are more than a bit naff, but for the price they are great for static displays. I had to strip down the Mallard one and reglue the wheels straight and rejoin the wobbly bottom half of the tender. I also did a little bit of weathering on the Mallard. You know I often wonder why Airfix/Dapol never made these part of their plastic kit range.










I've only bought the Flying Scotsman and Mallard issues and now wish I'd have purchased at least six of the Mallard ones - repainted them appropriately and had a bash at recreating a cheap version of the Great Gathering. Wonder if the mag will be reissued?

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Nice and atmospheric there.


If you check the thread on the magazine, you'll find the website, and you can get the models from the magazine people.

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Wonderful stuff Mike; couldn't resist a bit more of a play to get an old printed book look.



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Not sure what to say that I haven't already said, Mike, but you've outdone yourself with these shots, I think.


It's not only about the photography or the lighting. The atmosphere comes as much from the surroundings that you have modelled. They may seem less obvious and hard to even see, but it is your ability to choose exactly what has to be emphasized in the modelling - and then carrying it out at a high level - that makes it so good an believable. I would challenge anyone to take these mag models and make them look as realistic as they do in your hands. This is the ultimate proof of what can be achieved with an impressionistic approach in railway modelling, I think.


Andy, really nice work with that photo!

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Thanks very much.  That looks absolutely brilliant and I can't wait to get into work and get it printed off.  I'd love to be able to play about with photo editing software and get some steam effects in.  Must have a try one of these days.  

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Cheers Mikkel.


Wouldn't quite agree about my ability to choose what's what as the taking of the pics is always a bit of pot luck. I'm really pleased with the first photo except that the shot should have been taken at a lower angle - that's just personal preference. I've always loved the drama of the Roundhouse or Shed so probably why I'm always trying to emulate them. I do agree about impressionism though and it seems the appropriate way to handle models if want them to look real. No matter how good a modeller might, or might not, be a model is always a model so it's really all about suspension of disbelief. I'm a great fan of the old sci-fi movie makers (Star Wars 1, Blade Runner, Alien etc.) because they were masters at getting models to look real. Computer graphics are great, but you just know it's not real the minute you start to watch. Oh, bring back the good old days of analog filmakers!!!



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a model is always a model


I'm not sure about that third shot though - looks very real to me! :-)

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Hi Mike, I always look to your work for inspiration, you just keep delivering with each post :) I echo Mikkel's points, the uncluttered nature of your scenes emphasizes the realism and enhances the atmosphere.  An oil drum here, a crate there... just enough to lead the eye around and step into the scene.  I think your use of the magazine models for this type of layout makes total sense, as did using old airfix/Dapol kits in D Shop.   The level of realism achieved with models that don't cost

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