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Foster Street - (Goods Yard - progress)



The Goods yard area of Foster Street, seems to have taken up a large amount of the time I have spent so far on the layout, which surprised me a little as it only comprises of three sidings.


Still there are a few tasks yet to finish, including the main one of adding some weathering to the area and a few more little people to populate the area, the Goods Warehouse has been built so that it can be easily removed, to allow me to get to any stock lost in its depths. I still have a few additions to be attached to the building namely gutters, loading bay doors and water to the water tower. I have all the bits I need to finish this, but it's just getting the time to do it.


One of the things I really need to do is to improve the "slot" the building sits in, when in place to avoid the gap showing at the bottom of the building, so I think I may work on this next. Then I have to decide if the little loading platform and shed at the side of the main siding should be turned into a cattle pen, to help with the off loading of supplies to "Morgan's Meat's" or set it up as a hazardous product area?


I must admit. even though you have limited vision of the inside of the Goods warehouse the extremely low relief contents I added certainly look the part when the building is in place. I have finally put the sign up for "I Deal Coke and Coal" and hand lettered the scratch built delivery wagon, but I'm struggling for a name for the nearby "Monumental" Stone Mason business.


The good news, is I have passed another day without gluing my fingers together :), anyway enough waffle time for some pictures of the progress (with a before picture so you can see how far its progressed), as usual if you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear them.


Until next time Happy Modelling :)

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Nice to follow the development of your layout.

Can you tell us something more about the last picture?

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Nice to follow the development of your layout.

Can you tell us something more about the last picture?



Certainly, the last picture should have appeared first in the blog entry, but you know me getting things messed up. It was taken early on, in the life of Forster street, just after I had finally laid the track.

As you can see I used card to bring the area up to rail height before I eventually settled on a cobblestone finish. It shows the method I sometimes like to use when seeing if buildings fit the environment, and I find it useful to show if they are too large or small or if the roofline fits in.


I simply make boxes of the hopefully finished size and outline and then draw the features such as windows and door, brick courses on with a black felt tip pen. Or in this case the blacked out sections had various paper overlays with rough window shapes temp fitted until I found something I was happy with, you can just see at the back on the right hand side, another mock up I used to see if a slightly smaller building would work, and my famous timbre platform just to the left of the coach.


Just a glorified excuse for me to play trains really :)



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It is looking so good it is a definite contender for "Best in Show" at Weston 2014.

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