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Slater's All Third - Pull Rods and a Start on the Body



Last night I refitted the wheels and made up and fitted the brake pull rods.




I can't remember if I did this on the Brake Third, but all the linkages on the pull rods are pinned and would pivot if the vacuum cylinder moved! Just a lick of paint and they are done :)


Today I spent my lunch hour cutting ten sets of seats out of their sprues ready for assembly and tonight I got the basic bodyshell together as far as the floor. Here's a snap of the body after gluing still sitting in my nifty magnetic corner clamps




Must not forget to glue in the ventilators above the doors ....

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Glued all the seats together and painted the floor/partition walls last night. Seats will turn red tonight then I can look at adding the detail bits before finally gluing them in the body ....


The irony of the seats being from current production is that they are the very colour that I am painting the rest of the interior :lol:

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Hi Redgate, looks good and thanks for the tip on the magnetic clamps!

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