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Let's Get Physical Part 3




Stretching the same title a little further, some new metalwork arrived with the postie today...




The main items on here are a couple of chassis for Associated Octel 1957 vintage chlorine tanks. The two etches are different from each other because I want to try two different ways to put a tank wagon chassis together. One is (I hope) conservative and steals as many ideas as possible from other people's designs. The other design is intended (if it works at all) to achieve an even more spidery chassis, at the cost of a slightly more complicated build.


Now I just need the solid bits for the tanks to arrive from a certain 3d printing emporium in the Netherlands.


Other stuff includes an attempt to etch GWR square post signals for St Ruth and also some SR platform lamps (not for St Ruth) plus a bunch of other experimental items to try out the more tricky bits of some planned future etch projects. Oh, and some more D800 window frames with some fine tuning based on the results from the previous etches.


All in all, there is a lot of experimental stuff on this etch, so it will be quite nice if any of it turns into real models.

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Thats interesting.


Im looking forward to seeing more on these wagon chassis. Hopefully there are some great ideas there which I can steal. :oP


Julia. :)

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Hopefully there are some great ideas there which I can steal.


Certainly... although it will only be a good idea if it actually works :) . The jury's out on that question just now. I'm currently trying to get an unrelated project finished before attacking these etches - they turned up in the post a bit sooner than I expected.



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