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BRDatabase status



Hi, just wanted to give a heads up on BRDatabase.


At the moment, part of the site is disabled (the sites data) because of the heavy workload inflicted on the servers (my inefficient code to blame). I have two options:

  • Re-write the code to be more efficient (using pre-prepared data, in the style of a data warehouse)
  • Leave it alone pending new website

I am in the process of improving the data immeasurably, by redoing the data using SLS, Railway Observer, Trans Illustrated and other sources (e.g. Yeadon and Peto etc...). I am also looking at a complete revamp of the website, possibly including a member section (probably free). which will allow customisation, page history and favourites.


There will be far more information pertaining to individual locomotives, including sightings (shed visits etc...), parsed from old railway magazines.


Also, I will at long last fill the gap between late 1949 and the end of 1950 which has caused so much confusion over the past few years. I will also get the data for diesels, electrics and units in place right upto 1997 (and eventually into the 21st century).


Because of the amount of work I have to do, I will get the sites data up and running again in the old format, pending new development.

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Thanks for the update. In my view this is one of the best rail-based information sites on the Internet. I would certainly be willing to pay a fee for access to a members area especially if it would help with some of the costs of running the site. I find the ability to find allocations at a particular depot at a specific time via the 'snapshot' one of the most useful features of the site.

Keep up the good work!



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I've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes in an attempt to fix the problems with the sites pages on brdatabase.info and last night (tuesday 23rd), I completed changes for the depots/sheds pages - I will upload them tonight when I get back from work. The fixes are an interim measure as I am developing a revamped website with faster response times and better data.

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