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Servoset II



The signals on Fourgig East are driven by MERG servo driver boards that for now are set-up using a laptop and the appropriate software. However lugging an ancient laptop (it still has a 3.5" floppy drive!) around just in case I need to adjust a signal was bugging me so I spent some Christmas money on a MERG kit 76A Servoset II.


SWMBO also arranged for Santa to bring me a nice new shiny drill press (pillar drill to the masses) so the two were brought together last night for a pleasant hour with drills. Most of the machining is now done and it all fitted together first time - A product of the excellent instructions and good tools methinks ;)








Just got the LED holes to open out and then I can fire up the soldering iron :)

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Hi Redgate, glad to see you blogging again, I was wondering where you'd got to :-) Those look like nice toys. Impressed that your laptop has a floppy drive, must be a good product to have lasted so long, it seems to me most laptops are set to break down after exactly two years and one day!

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True, but in my defense my recent build is the subject of an article in next month's BRM so you'll have to wait for that ;)


The laptop is an ancient Dell Inspiron 1000 that dates back to at least 2000/2001. One of the hinges is loose and I can't see it lasting much longer TBH!


It at least has an RS232 post so interfaces directly with the MERG servo 4 boards without an adaptor cable :)

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