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Servoset II - Complete



So I finally got it finished




Pretty pleased with the finish, could be better but having the drill press made the machining of the case loads easier :) One thing I would do different, and this goes out to anyone else who is contemplating building one of these bits of kit is that the LEDs are mounted on the track side of the pcb. This makes them very prone to being caught during subsequent handling and wiring up which cracks the pcb track!


I should have drilled a couple more holes in the pcb, threaded the LED legs through to the component side then back down the "proper" holes for soldering. An alternative would be to "pot" the area where the legs are soldered to the tracks with epoxy. Anyway, I used a bit of offcut resistor leg to make a new "track" from the LED leg, messy, but it works!


I will use the box in anger at the Mansfield Show on the 7th & 8th March to set the signals on Fourgig East - I have a loose servo to fix on one signal and I'm sure it will need adjustment once this is done ;)

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As the MERG 'Elf' who puts these kits together it's good to see one put together and looking good. I don't normally get any feedback from those purchasing and assembling the kit unless there is something missing (hasn't happened yet!!).

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