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Realistic track



blog-0625168001424874583.jpgThis post is possibly a bit in the way of a diversion, a diversion from the fact that although I am 'always working on that thing' (wife's words of course!), nothing terribly concrete has happened to report. One of the problems has, of course, been half term and some proper work getting in the way. So, although no layout progress was made, a couple of days away in Wales weren't wasted. Not much open on the railway front but did get the chance to lay the foundations for some research into a possible future project. The other thing was this rather unusual view of some real railway from up on Harlech Castle.






I just love the track work and the details you can spot even if there is far too much distance between the rails for my liking. One of my pet hates on layouts is bright orange rails so to anyone who may be responsible I offer these pics of what a realistic colour actually is! The other thing I like is the way that the rust has leached out from the rails onto the ballast. Now this could be exaggerated because of the salt from the coastal location but it is a detail I have rarely seen on a model. I know the resolution of the shots is not great due to the file limitations but if anyone wants big copies then just let me know.


Back to the layout, I am just considering getting into panic mode now as the Nottingham show is only three weeks away and precisely non of the objectives I set myself after the last show have been achieved. Not that nothing has been started, is just a case that nothing has been finished! It will all come together of course but is coming up to the point where I really do need to get organised, reset objectives, prioritise and (I hate to say it), see where I can cut a corner or two.

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