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With flights of fancy put on the back burner for the time being, where they should be, a milestone has been reached in the construction of Bisley Junction - the pointwork is more or less complete!


The most challenging piece so bar was the B7 FB crossover:



Which I'm rather pleased with, closely followed by the two bullhead rail points - flat bottom rail is so much easier to work with as it's obvious which way up the rail goes!


The only thing left to do do all of the turnouts is to fit the tiebars. After considering several options, I've decided to go for functional stretcher bars of my own construction:


For this I've used 0.5x1.5mm brass strip, 13mm long, with the last 2mm of each side bent to form an 'L' shape - the brass did need to be annealed to soften it before bending. Between the two brass strips is a piece of paper secured to the brass using epoxy resin, which sticks the parts together and insulates electrically. As an extra precaution I've also run thin superglue into the joint as well for added strength.


The one pictured above is the prototype, which appears to have been a success so far, it's very strong, will be easily soldered to the rails and both sides are fully insulated from each other. I need to drill a hole for later fitting of the operating mechanism but other than that, it's complete. Just another 6 to make now.... :)


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Looking good Martin


The tie bar looks unobtrusive and robust at the same time. All round good work.



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Hi Martin - presume this is still EM? The trackwork looks great - something I'm wondering about for the future. Hopefully my pack of bits will turn up from Exactoscale this week so I can make my first lengths of P4 track up and test out the Pacer! :)

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Thanks chaps.


Richard - Yes, I'm hoping that they're as robust as they look. I've just tried to pull a couple apart and they're stuck pretty solid so, as long as I don't use solenoids for the points, they should be OK. I wanted something that was functional, yet didn't look out of place - something I think I've achieved successfully.


Yes, it is still EM James - I'm too far down that road to switch to P4 now. The 7mm excursion will be S7 though :blink: :D

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