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Prolonged absence - the two Highlevel kits



I noticed it had been a very long time since I wrote anything here, March of last year. I didn't even do my customary write-up following the Missenden Abbey weekends last Autumn and this Spring. This does not mean nothing has been happening, just that I have written nothing about it.


Both Daniel and i went to Missenden in October and then again this March, in fact the March weekend may be the last for a while with both of us going as Daniel is about to depart for University life - although there may be an outside chance he will come back for the Missenden weekends.




My little Black Hawthorn is now nearing completion, the motor and gearbox are fitted, the coupling rods, piston rods, steam glands are all in place. Pickups have been added and the frames treated with metal blue. It runs nicely, very slow with little hint of rocking. The addition of the buffer beams has added some weight to it as well to help with pickup and traction. I even had it pushing a rake of 15 wagons, which is pretty good for something so small and fairly light.


The brake gear is made and just needs fitting. I need to add pipe runs, safety valves, handrails and sandboxes. There is also a back head to be detailed and fitted. In all not far to go with this one now. The fuse wire you can see coming from the front of the cab is a pipe run that needs to be trimmed and attached still.


As for Daniel's project, the Hawthorn Leslie, that is also taking shape. He too now has a running locomotives, although it is lacking piston rods, cylinders and some other vital parts.




As always the close-up picture reveals something to be improved, Daniel is not pleased with the Sandbox and intends to remove and reposition it so that it sits down flatter. The smokebox front also needs a little bit of cleaning up after he discovered a misplaced overlays which he moved during the last Missenden session. In general he too is pleased with his progress and the way his model runs.


Hopefully I will finish mine soon, probably the next time I will go to Missenden I will start another project. We are not sure with Daniel, maybe once exams are over he will do some work on it over the summer holidays.

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