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Steam shed plan version 2

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You are right, the two things that were bugging me with the plan were lack of headshunt and the turntable only access to the shed. I will have to move the turntable I think.


What do you think of this plan instead?




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Looks better to me, Phil! How about taking the siding behind the coaling stage to the turntable as well, then you have a separate route into and out of the coaling/watering area. You could always have the new turntable road with an ashpit on it as the 'receiving' road, and locos will go from the ashpit, to be turned, coaled and watered, then finally on shed.


Somebody else will have far better ideas than me, but that's just something to think on. Looking forward to seeing it progress :)

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I was about to post the same as above, then I read the comment.


I'm not sure if I wouldn't still put the turntable BEHIND the shed, but as it stands it's workable and you have far more storage space.

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Thanks for the comments, I am going into the shed tonight to lay the track out to see if it works in the flesh. Xtrkcad is great but you can end up squeezing too much in.

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Why not use the road bridge in top left as the station buidlings, access to single central platform via stairs, and you have set it on the old Great Central. :)


You could then do away with the third CIRCUIT, maybe have more storage space in the storage/fiddle yard and use the third line towards the station as either a long headshunt or a siding? Or give you better access to put the t/t behind the shed? :D


Station buildings on the road bridge do away with having to model their access areas, parking etc too ;)


An ex-GC line would give you availability of ex LNER A3's, V2's, B1's, O4's O2's, LMS Jubilees, Scots, Black 5's, 2-8-0's, WD 2-8-0's 9F's and Brits, all in the 1950's


Diesels included 20's, 31's, 37's, 47's, GT3 and MAYBE D0280 "Falcon" returning to, or leaving Brush at Loughborough?

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I guess I am the only one who thinks that is a step backwards.


It is surprising just how many shed had their turntables along the access roads. This was both practical and economical. When this was not the case the turntable was on an adjacent road or at the back of a trough road shed. It was generally the very large depots that had a turntable sited at the opposite end of the yard and then this would have been more unusual at the end of coaling/watering sidings.


Consider that turntables being round fit rather well on the inside of those curve that we tend to have to put on a model railway that do not occur in reality.


But, as always, it is your layout.

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Forgot to mention that the GC also saw GW Halls on it's tracks as far north as Leicester, and sometimes to Nottingham.

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