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Bristol Barrow Road - Days Road Bridge



Having settled into the new large shed I have given some thought to extending the layout into a continuous run with a long fiddle yard down one side of the building with the layout along the other. With this in mind I need scenic breaks at each end of the layout. At the north end the break will be the road bridge at Lawrence Hill north of the Junction signal box, whilst at the south - Temple Meads - end it will be Days Road Bridge. For those of a certain age this will evoke memories of climbing the wall to gain access into the back of the shed and the roundhouse.



Photo courtesy of Donald Flook


I already have Templot track plans for both ends and the Days Road end will be tackled first.



As you can see Days Road Bridge is an interesting subject in itself and I was fortunate to be able to take some photographs prior to it's demolition in around 1981.



Days Road Bridge - north elevation



Days Road Bridge - South Elevation


The shed building for Barrow Road was produced for me as a laser cut kit by Chris Dening who now runs his own business 3DCD http://www.cd3dmodelmaking.co.uk

I decided to contact Chris about making a model of Days Road Bridge with it's curved brickwork walls and he accepted the challenge. Chris is not producing a kit of parts this time and will produce the model as an assembled and primed unit.

Chris has given me permission to post some work in progress photos of the bridge so here they are........

The photos show the build sequence of the shell of the bridge including the curved section of the bridge walls. The wing walls are yet to be added.

Chris's next task is to make up the templates for the brickwork especially the curved walling.











South Elevation



North Elevation


I'm pleased with the results so far and am looking forward to receiving the finished product.

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Just checked the photos I took in my collection, I have photos taken from the bridge but not of the bridge!

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Hi Tim, Lots of photos taken from the bridge but very few of the bridge. Donald Flook was a railway employee.#



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Robin, I'm surprised to see the track remaining in situ until 1981! Is that what we now call 'Barton Hill Depot' visible just under the bridge to the left-hand side?


Also, how far north did the tracks extend back then in 1981? Presumably they didn't last much longer.

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Hi Tim,

The reason for taking the photos back then was the impending development of the shed site and the realignment of Days Road itself. The track work was taken out during 1981 having been used as an extended siding up to Lawrence Hill Road bridge.

I took a similar set of photographs of each of the arches of Barrow Road bridge itself which bisected the shed site - this will be useful for the next bridge project for Chris - :}

The two Gasometers at the rear of the shed, which formed the distinctive backdrop, were also cut down and dismantled during that year. Anyone fancy making a model of them?:)

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I took some pictures of the dismantling of the gasometers. Wasn't the bridge you modelled approached by a narrow setted road, a right angled bend between high walls? I used to go that way to get to Max Williams. So many memories.

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Will you be adding a representation of the thick layer of grease that was added to the top of the parapet c1963, presumably as an anti-climbing measure? (It soon dried out/got washed away tho'!)

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I would be interested in seeing those photos sometime. Days Road certainly had a right angled bend at the gasometer end - Fray Bentos on Flickr has at least three photos of the bridge from the road - quite nostalgic!



I well remember the thick layer of grease and the fencing placed on top of the wall neither of which prevented access into the shed, the latter could be circumvented by going around the main line end of it, a bit like the 'Maginot Line' I think I will give the grease a miss though - it didn't get me in the prototype but I might not be so lucky in model form:}

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