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First entry; some completed weathered and detailed locos



Like most modellers I find it difficult to remain focused on what project at a time and frequently jump from one project to another; I model in both N and 00 gauges, and whilst I've posted plenty of pictures on my N gauge blog I've not shared any of my bits in the larger scale.






First up is 08648 in grubby BR general grey. For some reason I think this layout suits the workhorse nature of the humble grok. I've fitted Smith's screw links alongside Shawlplan etched arrows and windscreen wipers, but the biggest improvement for me was adding lazerglaze in place of the supplied clear parts. I've also hard wired a decoder into this one as it's an earlier release.


Weathered using washes of Humbrol enamel, varnished using Citadel / Games Workshop purity seal spray and then worked in some weathering powders from Mig, Humbrol and Forge World.


Next up is 03162, in battered old BR blue. I've always liked small shunters since I got a Hornby 06 for Christmas many years ago! This one started as a weathered latest release Bachmann example, although I used T-Cut gently applied with a cotton bud to ease back the factory applied weathering and used my own techniques as per the 08 above.






Thanks for looking!

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