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"City of Lincoln", Part I

James Harrison


Hot on the heels of the Great Central-liveried 'Immingham' (see the loco challenge forum for details), straight onto another Robinson six-coupled monster. This time a Class 1 of 1913, GCR #424 'City of Lincoln'.


Why City of Lincoln? Simply as a reminder of the three years I spent living there as an undergraduate.


The model is a K's whitemetal kit which I bought pre-built off of Ebay, already finished in GCR green but as #427 'City of London'. An easy renaming/ renumbering job you might think, but of course it's never as easy as that (at least, not when I'm involved). There are a couple of little changes I want to try and make, such as amending the route the wiring takes from the pickups on the tender to the motor in the loco (at present it couldn't be more obvious if it was painted fluorescent green with flashing lights and a bell). I was also struck by how thick the painted finish was, so I've stripped that off back to bare metal to start again.


So to start I separated the chassis and the loco body, which left me with this










And then the bodies were put in paint stripper and left for 24 hours, before the lifted paint was removed. This revealed that below the GCR livery was another version of the same, and then grey primer, and then LNER green, and then some more primer. No wonder I thought the paint was a bit thickly applied!


I put the model back into the stripper for another 24 hours and then set to again, this time getting much more off. After much patient work with sand paper, files, tweezers and a glass fibre pen, I have the model about ready for priming.



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She was, however she was painted into green in August 1922 (all of the Sam Fays passed into LNER ownership in GC green, the three black ones being repainted between 1920 and 22). 

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