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Bristol Barrow Road - Days Road Bridge - Photo Update



I am due to take delivery of the model of Days Road Bridge over the next few days so here are some photos of the model primed and ready for extra detailing and painting.


















All photos courtesy of Chris Dening 3DCD

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The bridge is looking great. It should look superb when painted and in situ. Excuse my ignorance, but is Days Road Bridge near Dr. Day's Junction?

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The bridge is looking great. It should look superb when painted and in situ. Excuse my ignorance, but is Days Road Bridge near Dr. Day's Junction?


This Days Road Bridge was over the Midland Main line now truncated at the Barton Hill Depot. Dr Day's Junction is on the current Bristol TM to Bristol Parkway/ South/Wales line. The Bridge over this line was around half a mile from the bridge over the old Midland line.

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Superb, Robin. Technology is now capable of delivering such incredible precision, which I suggest that even the most gifted modeller would have been hard-put to emulate a few years ago.


Will you be painting and weathering it yourself?


Until I saw it on your blog, I had no idea that you could commission such models on a bespoke basis.

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Hi Robin.

The bridge looks superb - both as a model and also as a prototype. Lots of interesting features, with curved abutments and those odd curly bit in the parapets. I'm intrigued by the doorway to nowhere! A hint of Kidnapped? Was there a walkway inside or was it not a doorway at all?


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Hi Tim, I will be adding extra detailing to the model followed by painting and weathering. I shall add some additional walls which are made from stone - probably carved from DAS modelling clay. The two non brick wing walls are of stone. The model needs to be fitted into it's surroundings - for example the bank at the end of the sidings.


Hi Dave, I need to add the capping stones on top of the bridge walls. Very please with the model:}  There was a doorway leading to a platform and a flight of steps leading down to Engine Shed Sidings signal box and the wagon works alongside the main line.

The wagon works, the old Bristol & Exeter loco shed buildings, are still standing and are now know as Barton Hill Works. All the engines for steam excursions from Bristol use this yard for stabling. Part of the wall containing the doorway is still standing and forms the perimeter wall at the rear of a Formula One car repair business.

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What a lovely piece of work! Please can we have an update once it's painted and in situ? It's particularly useful to see it at this stage to see the constructional detail.




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