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Modbury Signal Box 2

Ian Smith


Having completed the CAD drawing for a signal box based on the preserved one at Bodmin General (see previous blog entry http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blog/1009/entry-16898-modbury-signal-box/),I printed a couple of copies out onto thin card so that i could make a mock up to check the size of the building :


3/4 view of Front



3/4 view of Back



This little mock up confirmed that (to my eye) everything looked in proportion and construction proper could begin. My preferred medium for building construction has always been plasticard, so a strip of 0.040" plastic sheet was cut out to the height of the base of the box, and on a small sections of it the planking for the locking room door and the locking room window surround were carefully "scrawked" perpendicular to the long edge of this strip. Once complete, the front was cut from the strip based on the centre of the window surround section, and the end with the door done similar. The remaining end and back of the locking room were similarly cut from this strip. The sizes of all of these pieces were carefully measured to take into consideration the 0.020" stone embossed plasticard that will be applied to the outside of the signal box base once assembled.


Before the 4 sides and ends were assembled, the window was carefully cut and filed out of the front section, and once I was happy with the size of the hole, an over-sized section of 0.015" was cemented along the bottom of the reveal to represent the window sill. Once this had dried it was sanded back so that it protruded a small amount - in actual fact the thickness of a scalpel blade as this was to hand and was rested against face of the wall section as a stop for the sanding operation. The 4 sides were then cemented to a piece of black plasticard for a base, and then the walls were clad in the aforesaid embossed stone plasticard. The woodwork sill above the stone locking room has been added from 0.030" strip so that it stands a little proud of the stonework below (although as I write this I am waiting for the solvent to set so that the excess at the corners can be cleaned up.


Locking room front



Locking room back. The chimney stack and supporting wall will be brick built hence the space between the stonework sections on the back wall



The next item on the agenda is to construct the chimney...



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Very neatly done including the corners of the stonework. Are they butt joints or did you score and fold it round the corners? Whichever it has worked well.


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Very neatly done including the corners of the stonework. Are they butt joints or did you score and fold it round the corners? Whichever it has worked well.



I do like a signal box! Nice start Ian.

Thank you both.  The corners of the stonework were butt jointed, and the very corner made good with the corner edge of a square needle file (if you understand my meaning).  I also made sure that the two walls around the corner were actually from the same piece of the strip.  The chimney stack is now complete and will form the next instalment :-)

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