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Hbfis ferry wagon (Electrotren rebuilt)



Electrotren make a nice 4-wheel ferry wagon, ideal for a small British H0 layout . . .


. . . but it is too tall:


I bought one of these models secondhand from Elaine ("Elaine's Trains") at the Warley show, and I've had a gentle Sunday afternoon reducing it to the British loading gauge. The conversion process is written up very well at http://www.euram-online.co.uk/railways/euro/transfesa/transfesa.htm. I took a photo to show the modified sides and ends half way through the job:


And here is the result:


I filed a fair amount of detail off the sole bars to get the body to sit down as far as possible, but the alterations here will disappear behind some weathering.


After I took these photos I added some lengths of strip styrene to represent the runners below the doors. These help to make the doors look taller, the solebars narrower and generally improve the look of the model:


The model is to a nominal H0 scale (seen by the spacing of the buffers), and it is scale width for British outline, but as supplied it is nearer to 00 height. I paid £10 for mine, like new but no box. The Electrotren part number for this model is 1495K.


It is so nice to be able to "make" a model without being involved in much painting. This is where I go wrong so many times.

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