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More ECML woes

Richard E


After one under at Potters Bar on Tuesday that completely messed up the schedules (I feel sorry, again, for all that had to clean up after that) we have a broken down train between Grantham and Newark today.


Tuesday was a delay of 112 minutes and today we are being warned of delays of up to 120 minutes. The issue at present is that the faulty set cannot be moved yet and they are having to use alternate single line working to get past the problem site.


We arrived at Newark 7 minutes down, we are still at the platform as I write and are now 40 minutes late. The service an hour in front of us dropped around 45 minutes because of the disruption and arrived into Peterborough 53 down. Northbound service just passed us, so i suppose we stand a chance of moving presently.


I'm afraid the recent rash of train faults (another set was failed at Newark this morning due to faulty brakes apparently and there are many other problems I know of lately) makes me wonder whether Stagecoach (since they are the majority stakeholder) are taking a rather cavalier attitude to maintenance with attempts to cut back on costs.

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