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The A1 edges closer and an opportunity purchase

Matthew Cousins



The pre-Christmas Reading Trade show, did me in again, as I couldn't resist buying this part made E4 from a friendly trader.

It has been very nicely made, but needs the loco chassis assembling - a task that friend Colin has undertaken to help me with! He assures me that the Alan Gibson cast wheels can be made useable even though the insulated wheels are turning on their axles.

The E4 had always been on my long term list to get, so I felt that this was very opportune!

I managed to sell a surplus tank loco to fund half of the purchase, so not too far out of pocket.




Also friend Peter came along to show me how far the A1 (that he's building me from a David Andrews kit) is coming along.

Hopefully this will be finished in spring 2016 - I can't wait!



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