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New OO track and pointwork



After two years' worth of debate on RMWeb threads, the time has come to move forward and take steps towards production.


The aim is to produce pointwork for UK prototype layouts from the steam and early diesel eras (bullhead rail) that is more realistic than much of what is currently available but still at a reasonable price.


Design work has started to produce 3D prints from which tooling will be developed for injection moulding of the main elements of the range. Until, we have the first of those prints available, I don't intend to comment much further on this blog.


OO is very much a compromise and that is reflected in some of the choices made in the design.


It is intended to launch the range with four items of pointwork; #6 turnouts RH & LH, #6 diamond, #6 single slip, along with matching track.


Other items of pointwork will follow.


It is anticipated that the more common items of pointwork will be made available in both kit and ready-to-lay versions.


Finally, for the moment, I would like to record my thanks to the many RMWebbers who have helped with this project by posting on the threads and by private messages.


Update: 15 February.


I have purchased an internet domain name. Will try to remember what little I know about websites and start one in the next couple of weeks. Meantime, there is an e-mail address for any technical queries that you don't want to raise here on RMWeb. [email protected]

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When we get to the packaging/catalogue stage, I am sure that we will put radius info there as well as the crossing angle. It's important to those with kitbuilt locos. The exact radius depends on the type of switch used but an A6 works out at around 3'7", a B6 slightly larger.

It will be interesting to see if there will be a strong demand for something tighter: A5 or A4.5 even.

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Well, I go away for a few weeks (work not play) and come back to find that Peco have at last been moved to bring out an 00 track and, even more surprising, with BH rail.


I'm not quite sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for my own project.


But, for the time being at least, we are pressing on. Design work is progressing and we should have some 3D-printed protos available within the next few weeks.


Meantime, while the draughtsman does his stuff, I have been working out a system of product references and a provisional timetable for the various items. I would publish that here but the blogs don't seem to have a facility for attachments. Maybe, I will post a list here of the early items for which I have a target date.


I am minded now to offer the pointwork in three variants:

Basic kit (SMP-style where the modeller files pointblades and crossings);

Easi kit (with pointblades and crossings prepared);


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Some detailed design work is already going on for the first turnouts and I have been doing some more basic work on the rest of the first phase.

A6 Turnouts (LH/RH)                               : 1078mm / 42"

A6 Y turnout                                            : 2340mm / 92"

A6 Single slip                                          : 914mm / 36"

A6 Double slip                                         : 914mm / 36"

A6 Curved turnouts (LH/RH)                  : 2385mm & 781mm / 94" & 30"

B8 Turnouts (LH/RH)                              : 2002mm / 78"


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